Man Cave Decorating: 4 Ways To Integrate Antique Furniture Into The Room

13 July 2015
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A man cave is a great place to enjoy sport games and relax with friends. As you plan out the room, there are many styles you can integrate to match your personal space. Instead of just focusing on modern furniture designs, there are a lot of antique furniture pieces that are an ideal fit for a man cave. While shopping at mid century furniture dealers, there are four different types of furniture to look for. Each piece that you purchase will add character and a personal touch to the room.

Media Side Boards

Side boards are a great way to store items to the room and add a vintage touch. This piece of furniture is held up on legs and features sliding doors to access full wood shelving. It was traditionally used in a dining room, but fits great in any man cave. Along with the sliding doors, the side boards also feature small drawers for additional accessories. The doors on the side boards can be purchased in a number of colors and tones, including a variety of pastels.

The inside of the unit can be used for video game systems, DVDs, or book collections. The small drawers can be used for smaller accessories like remote controls, extra batteries, coasters, or random items like extra utensils and napkins.

Mascot Furniture

A lot of mid century furniture uses animals as a part of intricate designs. These animals are often carved directly into materials like copper and steel to create a one of a kind design. If you decorate your man cave based off your favorite sports team, then you can search for antique furniture that matches the team mascot. There are a number of different ways animals are used in the furniture.

  • Side Tables: Side tables feature carved legs that matches the animal shape. These tables can be found with animals like eagles, bears, and lions among others. A glass table top allows the animal design to be seen a lot easier.
  • Food Dishes: Animal designed food dishes include the animals curved around to create the circular opening of the dish. These are easy to place around the room and add a nice touch.
  • Antique Animal Statues: Large animal statues are a great way to fill up a man cave and represent your favorite team. Take things one step further by adding a jersey or team hat to the statue. For example, if you have a large horse statue, you can add a Denver Broncos jersey to the statue for a little personal touch.

The Man Cave Throne

Every owner of a man cave deserves to have a seat to call their own. When shopping for antique furniture, one thing to keep an eye out for are large throne-like seats. With intricate designs, a throne can become your source for relaxing and enjoying the man cave to its full potential.

One of the more common features you'll find on these thrones is the design of the legs and arm rests. Often made with wood, these thrones feature carvings and designs that include a number of themes. The wood is often finished in a number of colors while the seats are topped with a variety of fabric options, including velvet.

Bar Furniture

A lot of man caves often feature a small bar for serving drinks, playing poker, or offering another way to relax. When furnishing this area, there are a number of antique pieces that can be used to complete your decorating process.

  • Bar Stools: Antique stools include curved seat designs and sleek metal legs.
  • Antique Bowls: Decorate the counter of a bar with bowls that feature printed designs cast in marble, stone, or clay. A lot of the designs feature abstract colors and patterns around the center of the bowl.
  • Antique Mirrors: Hang antique mirrors on the back of the bar. The unique frames on these mirrors helps give it the antique touch. Designs often include bronze finishes and curved edges. If you purchase smaller mirrors, then you can hang them in pairs on the back of the bar.

Before shopping for the furniture, it's a good idea to know the size of the room. By understanding the measurements, you will have a good idea of what can easily fit on the inside. To learn more about this topic, check out local antique furniture dealers.