2 Tips For Getting Your Mattress To Last Longer

2 March 2017
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A mattress is a pretty big investment. Because of this, you are likely going to want it to last you for as long as possible. You also want it to stay in the best condition that it can possibly stay in. While a mattress is inevitably going to deteriorate overtime, there are certain things that you can do to keep it in as good of condition as possible, for as long as possible. This article is going to discuss 2 tips for getting your mattress to last longer. 

Turn The Mattress 

One thing that you may notice about your mattress is the fact that it gets lumps and dips. These lumps and/or dips are generally caused from sleeping in the same position for a long amount of time. For example, if you have one person in the bed, then you are likely going to get a dip in the middle of the bed. If you have two people that sleep in the bed regularly, then you are going to have a lump in the middle that is created from the two dips on the sides. While these lumps and dips generally aren't going to be permanent at first, they can become that way over time. A great way to combat this lump and dip issue is to turn your mattress regularly. Turning your mattress is going to help keep the padding within the mattress even, and will make it comfortable for you no matter where you are sleeping on the mattress. 

Place A Protective Cover Over The Mattress 

Another great way to help your mattress to last longer is to place a protective mattress cover over the top of it. This cover is generally made out of vinyl or some other waterproof material and will zip all of the way around your mattress. This cover is going to go under any pads that you have on your bed, as well as under your fitted sheet. Because the cover goes all of the way around the mattress, it is going to make it very hard for things to get onto or into your actual mattress. The purpose of this pad is to protect your mattress from spills, bed wetting, bed bugs, and more. The pad is also going to be very easy to clean because you will simply need to wipe the vinyl surface down, and it is as good as new.