Corner Desks Versus U-Shaped Desks—Which Is Ideal for You?

24 April 2017
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When setting up a home office, the most important piece of furniture in the room will be your office desk. But what kind of desk will be best for you and the way you work? Here is a look at two of the most popular styles and the pros and cons of each.

Corner Desks

A corner desk is ideal if you have limited space and can't dedicate an entire room to a home office. Corners are often unused space in a room, and if the room is being used as a multi-purpose space, such as it also doubles as a guest room, a corner desk can be the perfect option. With the monitor in the corner, you are left with a semi-circle of space on either side that is easily accessible without even moving your chair.

The wraparound space makes multitasking easy and convenient. A corner desk is also the perfect setup for your speakers and surround sound. For even more room, you can go with an L-shaped desk. Similar to a corner desk, the L-shaped desk has more desk top surface space.

There isn't much screen privacy with a corner desk, however. If someone walks into the room, they will instantly be able to see your monitor. This may not be a factor that matters to everyone. You will also have to look at a corner, so if you decide on a corner desk, try to place it in a corner that has a window nearby to look out.

U-Shaped Desks

For those who need a lot of work surface area, a U-shaped desk is the perfect answer. It is a completely self-contained work space. Everything you need is in easy reach. There is enough counter space for all your office equipment, such as a printer and scanner, telephone, and computer. There is also plenty of room for a second monitor. Depending on how you set it up and its placement in the room, you can even have two people share a U-shaped desk. This can be convenient for a husband and wife team who work together of for children who share a room.

While a U-shaped desk does provide plenty of space and can contain everything you need, including your files and books in addition to your office equipment, a U-shaped desk can also take up a lot of floor space, so it may not work for a smaller room. However, in a larger room, a U-shaped desk can serve as a room divider.

To learn more about your options, contact companies that sell office desks.