Choosing The Right Bed For A Small Children's Bedroom

27 July 2017
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Children may not take up a lot of space in your home, but their toys and furniture can. If your little ones have smaller bedrooms in your home, you may be wondering which types of furniture you can use that make the most out of the small space. Use this guide to find the right bed for your children's rooms, and make the most out of limited bedroom space.

Loft-Style Beds

Loft-style beds are similar to bunk beds, but they typically only have sleeping space for one child. The bed is situated at the top of these furnishings, and the space below often contains dresser drawers or storage cabinets. You can even find loft beds that have integrated student desks underneath the bed. By using vertical space, you can eliminate the need for a separate dresser, and you can give your child a bed that looks a bit more grownup.

Toy Box Beds

Toy box beds typically come in fun designs, from pirate ships to race cars, and they have toy boxes built into the front or back of the bed. This provides a handy place to keep stuffed animals and toys without having to add a separate toy box to the room. Some beds also come with pullout storage drawers, which can be used to stash extra sheets and blankets or pajamas to save space in your little one's dresser.


Daybeds don't usually come with extra storage space, but their compact design makes them ideal for a small bedroom. Consider a daybed for a teen or pre-teen who wants a more sophisticated look, and decorate the bed with plenty of colorful throw pillows to make it look inviting. If your child has frequent sleepovers, choose a daybed with a pull-out trundle, which provides instant sleeping space for a guest. For children who prefer the look of a daybed but want more room to spread out when sleeping, opt for a futon sofa/bed combination instead.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great for shared bedrooms, and they come in a range of designs to fit your children's personalities and your decor style. You can choose fun options, such as fire truck or princess castle bunk beds, or you can opt for classic wood. If you need more storage space, look for a bunk bed with a built-in set of drawers, shelves, or cabinets. This provides a convenient place to store each child's personal items without having to add a lot of furniture to the room.

Visit your local furniture store such as Bruce The Bed King for ideas, and let your children help pick out the beds they will be sleeping in. This can help them to feel like part of the decision-making process, which can make them feel more comfortable with the furnishings you choose.