3 Tips For Purchasing A Recliner If You Have Small Children

13 December 2017
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If you are purchasing a recliner and trying to find one that will work well with small children in the home, then there are a few things to take in consideration. Here are three tips. 

Get Leather

Perhaps the best thing that you can do to ensure that your recliner is as child friendly as possible is to purchase one that is made out of leather. Leather is an excellent material because it is very easy to clean and it is very durable. Your child can spill on leather, and rather than worrying about a stain or having it seep in the material, you just have to take a minute and wipe it up. Leather is also pretty resilient when it comes to damage from toys, pens, silverware, etc., so you don't have to stress too much when your child is playing on a leather recliner.

Choose One With Cup Holders 

It is also a good idea to choose a recliner that has cup holders. Children are notorious for accidentally spilling their drinks, especially if they are not put in a secure location. When you choose to purchase a chair with one or more cup holders, this gives a secure location for you or your child to put your drink. This way, you can enjoy having a cold drink right by you and your child can as well when they are using the chair. Also, by choosing a chair with a cup holder in each arm, you and your child both have a great spot for your drink. 

Get A Power Recliner 

A power recliner differs from a regular recliner in the fact that it has an automatic open and close feature for the foot rest that comes up and out of the chair. There is a small motor and mechanism that you can simply turn on, and it either slowly opens the chair or closes it. The great thing about this kind of chair is the fact that it opens and closes more slowly. This can avoid a child accidentally getting stuck underneath when you try and close it by kicking your legs downward. The fact that the chair opens and closes with the touch of a button also makes it easier for a child to open and close it on their own because they don't have to worry about being strong enough to do it manually. 

By choosing a recliner that is made of a durable leather, one that has cup holders, and also choosing a recliner with a power feature, you make sure that your recliner is well suited for small children. Contact a company like Truesdell's Furniture, INC. to learn more about your options.