3 Tips for Decorating Your Little Girl's Room

16 January 2018
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Is your little girl getting too big for her toddler furniture? If so, you are more than likely pretty excited about decorating a big girl  room. From establishing a theme to buying chalk paint, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive room that your little girl will enjoy for a long time.

Establishing a Theme 

The best part about decorating your little girl's room at this stage in her life is that you pretty much have carte blanche on how you want to decorate. That might not be true when your little daughter is a teenager! However, you probably already see what kind of personality your daughter is going to have.

For example, does she gear toward playing with dolls and does she love playing grown up with your clothes and makeup? Or, are you finding that she'd rather go outside and play ball with her daddy or older brothers? Watching her will help you to see what kind of a bedroom to design.

The Decorations 

If you are designing a girly room, you'll more than likely be looking for colors like pink and lavender, with yellow and lime green touches. Look for things like stuffed pink poodles and calico kitten toys to put on her bed. Maybe even have a canopy for your little girl's bed, with brightly colored ribbons as tie backs. 

If you are designing a bedroom for a little tomboy daughter, think of using red, white, and blue for the basic colors. Red or blue denim for the basic colors would be great, too. Decorate her bed with things like ball pillows, with the feminine touches that cater to her personality. Some of those touches might be Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls sitting against a ball pillow.

The Extra Touches 

While you've looked at decorating magazines, have you noticed how much you can do with chalk paint? As you select the furniture for your little girl's room, think about buying furniture on which you can apply chalk paint. By doing that, you can have the fun of decorating with extra touches. Also, you can write messages on the furniture.

For example, if you're decorating for a princess, you can chalk paint things like flowers and lady bugs on her dresser. If you're decorating for a tomboy, you can write words like ​"You're a Champ!" on your little girl's headboard. Learn more about chalk paint by contacting companies like Renaissance Innovations, LLC.