Are You Redecorating Your Patio In A Contemporary Style?

20 March 2018
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Have you decided it's time fr a totally new look in your kitchen? Perhaps you're moving into a new home and you're starting your house decorating from scratch. If you've decided to go with a contemporary style in your outdoor patio, from choosing cubist lounge chairs and to shopping for contemporary accent pieces, here are some ideas that might help you to design something original and attractive, a place where friends and family can gather for great outdoor entertainment.

Contemporary Furniture - Consider how you'll be using your patio area. If you're going to be eating meals there, consider selecting a metal dining table and chairs to match it. Not only will that give you the modern look you want, but metal will more than likely be super easy to care for. The added bonus is that it's affordable and long lasting. Think of choosing squared off chairs that include arms as part of the design. Another consideration is to buy Cubist lounge chairs which have a contemporary look to them. Think of selecting those that have a neutral color for the upholstery fabric, and then add some pizzaz with colorful throw pillows. The same theory goes for the chairs that accompany the table. Since metal is pretty neutral, think of selecting colorful seat cushions.

Contemporary Accents - Think about the things you love. For example, if you love to travel, consider buying pictures from cities throughout the world, places like New York City, Paris and Hong Kong. Placed in colorful contemporary frames, maybe plastic or metal, they'll keep the modern look you want, they'll match the furniture you've selected and they will more than likely withstand the weather. Another idea is to buy planters that are simple in their design. Think of painting the planters in bold colors, like black, yellow, red or turquoise. Choose contemporary light fixtures, and maybe even a ceiling fan that has a modern look to it.  Don't forget to select occasional tables that will go well with the Cubist lounge chairs, such as from Sovini, or with the table and chairs that you have chosen. 

Think of adding cute signs that say things like Sit and stay awhile or Welcome to our neck of the woods. And, just for fun, consider buying hammocks or a bench swing that will add interest to the patio area. Buy contemporary plastic dishes and other kitchen ware that will be easy to maintain.