3 Important Factors To Assess When Purchasing Children Bunk Beds

5 June 2018
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If you have multiple children living in your house, purchasing them a bunk bed is a great way to save on space. There are many bunk beds available today, and in order to select the right one for your children, be sure to assess these impactful factors. 

1. Head Space

Bunk beds are essentially two beds placed on top of each other via a sturdy frame. Although this design saves on space, there won't be as much head space available for your children like they would have with a normal bed.

As a result, you need to carefully assess the dimensions from the bottom bed to the top when looking at bunk beds. Probably the easiest way of going about this is having your children try out different bunk beds in person. Have them position themselves on the lower half and practice getting in and out of it. If there's plenty of room where they don't easily bump their heads on the top bunk, you may have found a great option. 

2. Storage Space 

Bunk beds today come with a lot of unique features. One of the more practical features you need to assess is storage space. Some bunk beds won't have this at all, while others will have entire cabinets devoted to your children's personal belongings.

Keep in mind that the more storage space a bunk bed has, the more materials the manufacturer will need during construction. As a result, you'll pay more for these extra materials. That may be perfectly fine if you don't have a lot of space to work with in your children's bedroom.

3. Safety Features

Although bunk beds are great options for children, they can pose some inherent risks. For example, the child on top could potentially fall off and severely injure themselves. That's why you need to prioritize safety features when looking at these beds. 

Bunk beds that come with steel rails on the side are perfect for keeping your children safe and secure at night. You should also look into bunk beds with built-in ladders. When your children climb to the top throughout the day, these ladders will remain firm and prevent your children from slipping off. 

Bunk beds are truly innovative sleeping quarters you should strongly consider for your children. Just make sure you assess the right specs and features so that these beds are completely safe and end up working long-term for your household.