Transitional Tips Associated With Your Company's Move Into A Larger Facility

17 August 2018
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If you own a real estate company and your client base has grown in the last two years, prompting you to move you and your office staff into a larger facility, it can be troubling to contemplate not being able to serve your clients during the moving phase. Move in stages to minimize disruptions associated with serving your clients. 

Advertise The Move And Supply A Definitive Date

After securing a larger facility, let current and potential clients know about the upcoming move by displaying a few signs on the property where your business is currently located. Supply a definitive date for the move and clearly post the address that you and your staff members will be moving the business to so that anyone in need of real estate services can research where the new facility is located prior to an appointment with an agent.

If you plan on keeping the current location intact for the time being and are going to be gradually moving office furnishings and materials to the new address, let it be known so that your staff members and clients are not confused by your intentions.

Assign Staff To Each Location

Before opening the business at the new location, contact utility providers to have the electric and water turned on. Assign a few of your employees to head out to the new location to provide it with a thorough cleaning. The remaining staff members should stay in the original location so that they can tie up loose ends associated with clients' accounts.

During slow times when clients do not have appointments to meet with any of the agents, request that your employees begin to pack up their personal work areas. Any items that are going to be needed prior to the move should be set aside. Everything else, including paperwork, decorations, and furnishings can be prepared to be transported to the new facility.

Utilize Days Off For Packing And Moving Items

If the real estate company is closed on holidays and weekends, take advantage of these occasions by utilizing them for final packing steps prior to the move. If you are hiring a moving crew to transport all of the furnishings and equipment, try to set up the moving date during a time that your business is not open so that you and your staff members can take the time to set up the furnishings, decorations, and paperwork in the new location.

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