What You Need For Your Custom Home Bar

28 November 2018
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You want to put a home bar in your basement or private entertainment area. You may even want to put a bar on your back deck or patio. When you customize your bar, you create an atmosphere that is unique to your needs and matches your home's decor best. Here are things you need for your custom home bar.

Bar stools

A home bar is not complete without a set of custom bar stools. Leather bar stools are comfortable and relaxing, while wooden backed bar stools provide support. You can place your bar stools along the countertop or have them set around a custom bar table for entertainment.


The right lighting for your custom home bar will make the space intimate and engaging. You want yellow lighting over harsh white or blue lighting, since yellow lighting is softer on the eyes, more classic in its appeal, and gives your room a more authentic bar-like ambiance. You can install lighting along your bar counters, under shelving, or install lighting above your home bar with low-hanging lights.


No matter where you place your custom home bar, you need to have a place store spirits and wine. You can install custom cabinets with mirrored backs along your wall to showcase your vast collection of alcohol. You can also place racks along the upper part of your cabinets so you can hang glasses and wine stems in an attractive way.

Don't forget about wine racks. Classic trellis-style racks allow you to store several bottles of wine at once without taking up a lot of space. Or, you can hang a wine rack on your wall for both decorative and useful appeal.

Counter space

You need counter space when you install a custom home bar. You need counter space so you can mix drinks or just sit down and relax. If you plan on using your home bar for other purposes like serving food and playing card games, then make sure your custom bar counters are both long and wide. Your counter tops can be designed out of laminate, marble, or another type of natural stone to create a sturdy table surface.

Your custom home bar can be designed quickly and easily using a home bar kit. You can create a beautiful atmosphere that is both alluring and entertaining when you focus on the things you desire for your home bar. Custom touches make the space complete.