Blending Modern Furniture Into An Antique Home

8 January 2019
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Having an antique or traditional home doesn't mean you can't enjoy modern, contemporary furniture. There are ways to blend modern furniture into even the most historic of homes. When you pull the design off properly, it will be both comfortable and memorable.

Focus On One Or Two Large Pieces

If you fill an antique home with completely modern, contemporary furniture, the end result will often be a little uncomfortable. It will seem as though the furniture is out of place. It's often better to focus on one or two accent pieces. A contemporary sectional or a modern coffee table can fit easily into an otherwise historic home. Both of them together may be too dramatic. 

Try To Match Color, Texture, Or Pattern

When adding modern or contemporary items to a historic home, make sure it matches with the surrounding decor at least a little. A glossy white table, for instance, will match with ornate, bright white trim in a way that a glossy black table will not. Your goal should still be to make the look a cohesive one, even if there are items that are a little bit outside of their element.

Add Some Contemporary Decor

A few items of small, contemporary decor will bring your larger contemporary furniture more into the focus. Consider mixing things like sleek, modern picture frames into the decor, alongside older antique frames. By pairing antique items with modern items, you can make everything feel intentionally eclectic.

Go Big Or Not At All

When going contemporary, it's often better to have a dramatic piece than a piece that is just a little more modern than its surroundings. If you have something that is subtle rather than obvious, it may feel just a little bit out of place. If you have something that is obviously different from the rest of the home's style, it becomes obvious that it was an intentional choice. 

Use Some Antique Accents

Just as you can add contemporary accent pieces to the wall, consider jazzing up a contemporary piece with something antique. Place an antique vase on your contemporary table, or throw an antique blanket over your contemporary sofa. Again, this helps blend in the larger items with some smaller items.  

The hallmarks of modern furniture are simplicity, comfort, and function. This can all be used to highlight some of the benefits of an antique or historic property, such as ornate decor. If pulled off correctly, it will come off as more intentional than anachronistic.