Benefits Of A Bed Frame

29 April 2019
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If you are a person who has been sleeping on your bed with the box spring directly on the floor, then you may not have properly considered or even realized all of the benefits a bed frame has to offer. Read the helpful information here to learn more about the reasons why you may want to place your bed on a frame.

The frame supports the box springs

When you set the box spring on a hardwood floor, you may move the bed to find it has damaged the flooring. Also, the frame is designed to not only support the box spring but also to hold the mattress properly on top of the box spring. There is actually a difference in the way many beds feel when they are on frames, as opposed to when they are set directly on the floor.

The frame can stop insects from crawling on you

No matter how clean you keep your home, you will occasionally end up with the stray insect crawling along your floor. When you have your bed sitting directly on the floor, the insect can crawl along the floor, find your bed, and crawl right up where it can crawl all over you as it wants while you are asleep and unaware of what's going on. Putting your bed up on a frame significantly decreases the chances of this happening.

The frame is easier on your joints

If you have a problem with your knees, hips, or back, then you may find getting out of bed in the morning a bit painful. This discomfort may be made worse by having your bed so low to the ground. When you raise the bed up to an increased height, you will find it a lot easier and less painful to get out of bed each morning.

The frame helps your bed to look nicer

When you have your box spring setting right on the floor, your bed isn't going to look as nice. You will be cutting out the possibility of using nice looking bedding options, such as a nice skirt that hangs down from the box spring and past the bed frame to hang freely right above the floor. Also, the bed won't fit correctly against a headboard.

The frame gives you some extra storage space

While you don't want to cram a bunch of miscellaneous items under your bed, you will be losing out on some storage with the bed right on the floor. The frame gives you a nice place to store things like presents you want to hide, a few shoes you want quick access to, and more.