Not A Decorator? 5 Ways To Decorate Your Home Anyway

29 July 2019
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If you don't have a good head for decorating, the task may seem overwhelming. How can you ensure an attractive home that's up to date even though you aren't sure what's the style and what's not? Here are a few ways to make it work.

1. Buy a Set. Furnishings stores create sets of furniture with the help of experienced professionals. These are designed in their showrooms to be attractive to modern buyers, and they do the job well. So, why not use their expertise and purchase an entire set together? Check out some sets such as bedroom or living room furniture sets. For one bundled price, you know what looks good together and how to style it inside your own home. Alter this set in small ways as you live with it. 

2. Learn Color Theory. Anyone can choose good color combinations if they use the color wheel. Color theory has already done most of the decorating hard work for you. Using the color wheel, you can choose two or three colors that work well together based on scientific principles. Complimentary colors are opposite one another on the color wheel, for instance. These opposing shades provide a simple and attractive contrast in any room.  

3. Decide on a Theme. If you have an idea what type of decorative theme you'd like to use as a guide, you can purchase and decorate with more confidence. This theme could be something as vague as 'rustic' or it might be more specific (such as vintage chic or African art). Then, when you do look for new items or consider buying something decorative, you can gauge it off your general basis. It gives you a good starting point. 

4. Use Timeless Basics. Some pieces you don't need to stress over because they will stay 'in style' for many years and in many circumstances. A good, classic sofa set or dining table are some of these basics. You can dress them up for different styles or themes with accessories like pillows, upholstery, supplementary tables, or lighting.  

5. Start Small. If you find it too hard to decorate the entire house at once, start with something manageable. This might be a small room such as a bathroom. Decide on a theme for this one space, choose some color samples, and pick out some art. Then, commit to this one idea. When you're done and you see that you can handle a simple decorating task, you'll have an emotional and mental 'win'. You also gain confidence that you really can do this. 

Decorating your home, no matter how large or how small, is a task anyone can undertake. By using prepared furniture sets and scientific color theory as well as small beginnings, you will create a space you love.