4 Tips To Keep In Mind When You Visit A Furniture Store To Buy A New Easy Chair

19 February 2021
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If you're looking for the perfect seat to relax in while you read or watch a movie, you should give careful thought to the type of chair you want. Looks are important, but comfort is the most vital aspect of an easy chair. Plus, you can always cover the chair with a slipcover if you find a style you like but can't find a chair in a color that matches your room. Here are four tips for buying a new easy chair.

1. Choose The Best Size

You should go to a furniture store and try out different sizes in order to get one that matches your size and how you intend to use the chair. If you're a larger person, for example, a traditional chair might not give you enough room to feel comfortable. You can buy oversized easy chairs that have plenty of room for sharing the space with a child or your pets without them having to sit on your lap. An oversized chair can also provide enough room to curl up and read rather than having to sit up straight.

2. Get The Right Fit

In addition to extra size, you may want the chair to fit right when you sit in the chair naturally. The armrests should be comfortable to use and your feet should rest flat on the floor unless you plan to curl up every time you use the chair. When you go to the furniture store, sit on various chairs in the same way you sit on an easy chair at home so you're sure you'll be comfortable once you get the chair back to your space.

3. Consider Durability And Ease Of Care

An easy chair can get a lot of use, so buying one of high quality is important so the chair lasts a long time and is durable. You'll also want a chair made of fabric that resists stains and is easy to care for since you might munch on snacks and drinks while lounging in it.

4. Think About Your Other Furniture

An easy chair is smaller than a loveseat, but it might be much larger than an accent chair. Think about the other furniture in the room so a big chair won't dominate the space. Comfort might be the most important for a family room or home theater, but if your chair will be in a living room that guests frequently visit, then you want a chair that blends in when it comes to size, style, and color. For more information, contact a furniture store.