Decorating A Nursery For Less: Tips For First Time Parents

18 August 2016
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According to a 2010 report created by the United States Food and Drug Administration, USDA, the average middle class family will spend around $12,000 on their baby for the first year of their life. If you're a new parent, chances are you're looking for every way possible to save money. The baby's nursery will be one of your biggest expenses, so naturally, this is the best place to begin cutting costs. Read More 

Man Cave Decorating: 4 Ways To Integrate Antique Furniture Into The Room

13 July 2015
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A man cave is a great place to enjoy sport games and relax with friends. As you plan out the room, there are many styles you can integrate to match your personal space. Instead of just focusing on modern furniture designs, there are a lot of antique furniture pieces that are an ideal fit for a man cave. While shopping at mid century furniture dealers, there are four different types of furniture to look for. Read More